For over 30 years, Laurel Burch created original works of art that have captured the imagination, delighted the senses, and inspired thousands of fans and collectors with her whimsical designs, joyful colors, and jubilant spirit. Today, Laurel Burch Artworks continues to inspire by forming relationships with manufacturers interested in carrying forward Laurel's vision while maintaining the highest standards of quality, excellence, and craftsmanship. Together, we can create high quality products that will not only attract the large numbers of devoted Laurel Burch followers, but will engage new customers and markets the world over.

A vast and active network of collectors and admirers continues to seek out current and classic Laurel Burch pieces in the marketplace. This collector mentality has been recognized for more than twenty years and had played a key role in Laurel's personal marketing strategies, and continues to drive the current Laurel Burch brand development and marketing. At the same time, Laurel's colors and designs lend themselves beautifully to new enterprises, new markets, and new product ideas. We invite you to join us in exploring these new avenues together.

All Laurel Burch products are developed in conjunction with companies licensed to manufacture and distribute attractive, high-quality products bearing Laurel's copyrighted art and trademarks. Laurel Burch Artworks holds the exclusive global licensing rights and is dedicated to expanding the unique world of Laurel Burch in the marketplace.

Laurel had a deep passion for her fine art, jewelry design, book publishing, and philanthropic endeavors, all of which we continue to honor today. Laurel Burch Artworks is developing new programs to better serve its growing list of licensees. Our company is experiencing tremendous growth, even during these difficult economic times. Licensed product sales are expected to more than double by mid-2012. As a result of these successes, our company has attracted renewed attention from a number of high-profile licensing prospects in currently open product categories, including decorative garden accents, footwear, rain wear, bed and bath, fine art prints, candles, and more.

If you are interested in joining the Laurel Burch licensing family, we encourage you to contact us to initiate the licensing process. We will soon have a fillable form available for interested parties, but in the meantine, you may contact us at the information below:

Laurel Burch Licensing Department
(800) 556-5251 ext. 3
+1-415-326-5218 International (GMT-8)

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